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Practitioner Tips

My besties in Germany 

No matter where I am going in the world I like to create a little network around me and my health. Here I would like to share the people who have helped me most and I know you will be in good hands too :)

Osteopath at Work

Katharina Munzert

Practice for holistic gynaecology, pediatrics and yoga

Katharina is one of my old school friends and one of the most intuitive person I know. 

Her naturopathic approach focus on the client and not on the disease. Among others she supports women in experiencing pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding naturally and consciously.

Besides that she teaches Asthanga Yoga regularily.

Katharina is based in Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein.

Dr. Christian Schütz

Osteopath, Orthopaedist, GP

Dr. Christian Schuetz is my to go to Doctor when I am at home. 
His fundamental knowledge about the human body as Orthopaedist and Osteopath proofed itself several times as very helpful.
He is a kind hearted and very compatible doctor who takes his time for his clients. 
Dr. Schuetz is based in Timmendorfer Strand, Schleswig-Holstein

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