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A Little More About Me

Get comfy, make some time to chat! As I really value the connection I make with others

My vision is that we all can live in an extraordinary world when we work on our personal and spiritual development

and building a community where everyone loves to return to and feels safe is paramount to me. 

I am glad you are here!

As I value your time, here is a little short- story for you:

I left my home country in 2010 in order to explore the world. The passion for exploration and travel has brought me to amazing places such as Australia, 4 years on a tiny car-free Island in Indonesia, Asia, Mediterranean Islands and endless other countries. 

After earthquakes made me leave my paradise home, I settled in London in 2019. I was a Yoga studio manager, started teaching Yoga full time and by now you can find several services under the Belair Yoga Umbrella: Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings, Reiki, international Retreats and Yoga mentoring. 

I believe that we all smile in the same language and that kindness, an open heart and a curious mind can bring you anywhere. And this sense of adventure, exploration, "breaking out of the box-thinking" and truly following your heart still remains the red thread in my offering for you. 

And here comes the longer version:

And of course I got in touch with the philosophy of Yoga on my journey. I started off with the innovative from of Aerial Yoga in 2015, continued with Embodied Flow in 2017 (already subconsciously knowing that I will integrate it much more into my practise later), Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra followed in 2019. 

After experiencing heavy Earthquakes in Indonesia in 2018 I started noticing anxiety and so called ROCD- relationship OCD for the first time. These days I know it is a typical trauma response and coping mechanism. But daily intrusive thoughts and imagines made their way into my mind, so I did some heavy research and found a therapy which turned out to be a life saver for me. This therapy is called "ACT" Acceptance commitment therapy and it helped me to exit the endless storm of intrusive thoughts, doubts and searching for 100% certainty and therefore safety.

Or how we say it: To anchor in the storm until it has blown over with a lot of Acceptance and Self-Compassion. 

I have finished my Acceptance Commitment Therapy course in 2021 and I use it a lot in my classes to help others with their struggles through my knowledge and personal experience. 

ACT can help you in any situation, it is not only helpful for Anxiety and OCD but to live a life guided by your values, acknowledging, accepting and dealing with all the obstacles that are in your way achieving your goals, your dreams, the life you desire. 

I studied the Polyvagal theory applied in Yoga(-therapy), Trauma and somatic work to have a better understanding of trauma and to offer more trauma-sensitive and nervoussystem-orientated classes. In 2022 and 2023 I added another string to my bow and became a Reiki level I & II practitioner, which complements my knowledge and offering on many levels. Read more about the power of Reiki here.

I founded the Aerial Yoga Summer School in 2023 which provides private Aerial classes on the weekends and which changes its name with every season as it became such a success. Moreover, together with other Instructors I offer a monthly Aerial Yoga Sound Bath. 

My first and certainly not last Yoga retreat will take place this year in wild South Africa and to come to an end (for now) I also mentor female Yoga instructors who are ready to take their yoga career and business to the next level while making a positive impact on others' lives! To help them achieve their goals and create a fulfilling career that they love.

My passion for teaching any sort of Yoga stems from a desire to help others to meet and accept themselves fully and to create a rich and meaningful life through value based living. I support my students to activate their inner compass and find their way back to the ancient wisdom of their own deep, natural sense of knowing.

I value each and every person who is crossing my path and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals in service of your values. Everyone is welcome the way they are as building a community where everyone loves to return to and feels safe is paramount to me. 

So, what is our next Adventure? 

What does Yoga mean to me? 

Describing the meaning of Yoga is cerntainly not easy but let's give it a try: It is a practice that goes beyond physical movement. It encompasses meditation, gratitude, curiosity, acceptance and self-compassion, among other things. It's about understanding that we are all part of something bigger and changing our thinking from "doing Yoga" to "being Yoga." This means uniting our mind, body, and soul with divine. Yoga is a journey towards self-concept, purpose of life, and liberation, and it's a journey that never truly ends.

It all starts with a pose and a thought, and expands into a never-ending path of self discovery and growth. You do not have to be on a mat to practise Yoga.

Using my extensive understanding of the human body and psyche, I aim to bring not only ease and flexibility to the body but also to the mind- developing gratitude for this adventure called life. Giving you added physical and mental strength and mobility to remove emotional and perhaps energetical blockages you never thought you had to unlock your full potential.

Moreover I am a firm believer that we can avoid illness through a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset. I am indeed grateful about school medicine, don't get me wrong, but I think there are many other ways we can take care of ourselves beforehand. Yoga, holistic therapies and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. Remember, it is all connected.

Ayurvedic routines are an integral part of my everyday life as Ayurveda sees food as medicine.

Image by Rui Xu

"No Mud, no Lotus"

Thich Nhat Hanh

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