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Workshops & additional classes

7 am Outdoor Yoga in Rotherhite
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Every Monday let's start the new week fresh! 

Durand's Wharf, SE16 5GX, London between the Hilton Hotel and Surrey Dock Farm


Every time I had to cover an early morning yoga class, I couldn't believe how much positive energy I could sense throughout the rest of the day, despite waking up early for it. So why not combine this sensation with nature that Rotherhithe offers and all the benefits we can get from practicing movement under the blue sky? Especially in London, we lack the grounding contact with the Earth.

Join an outdoor yoga class every Monday morning at 7 am for 45 minutes by the River Thames, overlooking Canary Wharf, and soak up some Vitamin D right before work. Not only will you boost your serotonin levels, but you'll also become part of a supportive community!

Minimum age is 16 years and every one, body, level is welcome! No yoga mats provided.

Pricing and T&C's:

Spaces must be booked in advance via the button below. It is a £10 charge per session for one-off bookings, with a reduced rate of £8 per session for a full month booked. I am aiming to keep class fees as low as possible and in order to do this I need to minimise admin time, so I am not able to offer any refunds for cancellations unless I have to cancel due to bad weather conditions. The class will then automatically roll over. I will send a message if the class must be cancelled. 

Aerial Yoga Winter School continues and turns into Aerial Yoga Spring School

More Aerial Yoga Sound Baths await you too!
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Let's continue upside down 

The Lodge Space, Canada Water, London

£15/£ 38


What can I say, when the Aerial Yoga School launched in 2023, little did I know that it will become such success! 

And here we are, continuing in 2024 with more Aerial Yoga classes on the weekends. 

Join one of the many extra classes, without any membership or contract. Drop in- that's it! We have created an amazing community together where everyone is welcome.

Due to their many workshops, the Lodge Space can't offer any permanent Aerial yoga classes on the weekends. But that shouldn't stop us from practising and hanging upside down. I have the possibility to hire the studio on random dates and offer you more private classes on the weekends.

June dates: 

Saturday, 8th June 11.30 am-12.30 pm Open Practise 

Sunday, 16th June 7.15- 9.15 pm Aerial Yoga Sound bath (bookable vie evenbrite)

Saturday, 29th June 11.30 am-12.30 pm Open Practise

Aerial Yoga Sound bath

Sunday, 16th June 7.15- 9.15 pm

This one-of-a-kind 2 hrs workshop is everything you need in a busy city like London. 

A unique combination of elevating aerial yoga and a soothing sound bath in your hammock-cocoon.

Open up the physical body first with a soft aerial practise led by Bella, invert if you wish and continue with nearly an hour of self nurturance, restoration, and connection. Bathing in the sound of crystal bowls and voice; Aimeé, the sound practitioner will guide you through a sequence of re-setting, divine inner-connection and chakra cleansing.

Open PractiseWhether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, I will guide you through a class, however you will have more time for free flow and explore the shapes we normally don't have time for. Come with an idea and we can work together on it. If you like to stay for lunch and spend a nice afternoon together, meeting like-minded people and a new community. 

Do I have to join all dates? 

No, you can join one class or all of them. See what is best for your schedule. 

Unsure if you should join? See what others have to say:

"Joining Bella's classes was definitely one of the highlights of my 2023!" (Gracy)

"Thank you Bella for the last fab fab practise of 2023! Really grateful for what we did together this year, many more to witness. Your incredible energy moves the school so gorgeously." (Meghna)

"Thank you so much for the lovely session today, it was fun, and thanks much for clicking some fabulous pictures and allowing additional timefor the photoshoot

I cannot believe that I am able to do these poses in the air in like 3 classes. Attached a collage of pictures which I shared with my friends and family, they are amazed All credits to you, you are an amazing instructor. You bring such good vibes and energy to the class with your lovely smile and positivity."- Sutiksha, student of the Aerial School

"Confident, powerful and peaceful. That’s what an aerial yoga session with Bella will make you feel! In her class, Bella gently leads you in sculpting a body that is strong, supple and lithe, and a mind that is limitless. During the first class, any fear I had about heights immediately dissolved as she guided us into poses that bring balance and alignment to the body. Her classes are a much-needed oasis from hectic modern life. My daughter and I leave each class feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and totally restored. Trust me, you will come away amazed at what your body can do! Thank you, Bella." - Rejoice Denhere, June 2023


Terms and conditions: 

These classes are not covered by the Lodge Space's membership and need to be purchased through me. 

Please book your hammock as soon as possible to avoid any disapointment. 

In case of a cancellation please let me know 1 week in advance to receive your full refund. Tickets are non-refundable anything later than 7 days but I will try my best to resell your tickets to people on the wait list. 


The key contraindications of aerial yoga include glaucoma, heart disease, propensity to vertigo, very high or low blood pressure, recent concussion, head injury, herniated discs, osteoporosis, sinusitis, recent experience of a stroke and epilepsy, and pregnancy.

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